Welcome to Bedford Massachusetts youth travel basketball

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Q: How much does it cost to participate?

A: The fee for travel basketball will be $300 per player, with a family capped at $500. Please keep in mind that there is a possibility your child will not be placed on a Travel team. If your child does not make a Travel team, you will receive a refund of your payment. A refund will not be granted if your child decides to drop after teams have been created.

Q: What does that fee cover?

A: While Bedford Travel Basketball is a nonprofit organization that relies on volunteers, we have numerous substantial costs, the biggest of which is gym rental. There also are league fees, referee fees, insurance, equipment, etc. Also keep in mind that our season is much longer than most other sports in town, lasting almost five months from the first practice to the close of the season. 

Q:  What about uniform costs?

A:  A standard uniform (reversible jersey and shorts) is required for all Travel players. Once we close registration and finalize team selections, we will distribute the link to order uniforms (as well as a store to purchase some hoop gear). Uniform fees are not factored into the registration (for budget purposes – assume somewhere around $50-$75). All players that purchased a uniform last season will have the option of purchasing new or using last year’s – their choice.  

Q: Do you offer financial assistance?

A: If you require financial support in order for your child to participate, we will work with you and try to make it possible. Email Bedford Travel Basketball for more information.

Q: What else does my child need for the season?

A: Every player is expected to have their own basketball, which they should bring to every practice. Girls Grade 4 teams use a 27.5 ball. All other girls teams use a size 28.5 ball. Boys in Grades 4-6 also use a size 28.5 ball. Boys Grades 7 and 8 use a 29.5 ball (full size). Put your child's name on their basketball before bringing it anywhere. Every player also should bring a water bottle to every practice and game.

Q: What league does Bedford particpate in and how many teams do we enter?

A: The travel teams for boys and girls in each of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades will compete in the Metrowest Basketball League.  Please note that the number of teams in each grade and each year can vary based on a number of factors including competitiveness/skill level of the players trying out, the number of players trying out, and availability of qualified coaching candidates. 

Q: When does the season start and end, and when and where are the games?

A: Practices may begin in late October.  Metrowest League games are Sundays, starting the first weekend in December, and they could be anytime — early morning through evening. There are no league games during winter break, but there are games both weekends of February vacation. Every team makes the Metrowest playoffs in early March. Playoff games could be any day of the week. Team schedules will be announced by the league in late November. All dates are subject to change at any time. Each team gets 11-12 league games, with half in Bedford and half away. Away games could be anywhere -- from neighboring towns to locations an hour away. The schedule is set by the league, and the Bedford Travel Basketball Board does not have a say in where away games are scheduled.

Q: When we will have practices?

A: Travel teams will practice once a week (possibly twice) beginning in early November. Practices may be held on any night of the week including Saturday in the event there are no games scheduled. At this time, we do not know what days/time each team will practice. Practices are usually at one of the gyms in Bedford, and can rage from 5pm – 9pm. Typically the older kids get the later gym slots.