Welcome to Bedford Massachusetts youth travel basketball

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Who is present at the tryouts and who evaluates the players?

There will be an assigned Tryout Coordinator, Evaluators, and coaches from the prior season in attendance at each of the tryouts.

  • The Tryout Coordinators organize and manage the tryout process, allowing the Evaluators to focus solely on evaluating the performance of the players.  The Tryout Coordinator could be a coach from the previous year.
  • Evaluators evaluate and rate the players, and make recommendations regarding team formation. 
  • Head coaches from the prior season may be asked to attend tryouts as well, typically in the role of Tryout Coordinator. The coaches know most of the players and help organize and facilitate drills and scrimmages–to allow the Evaluators to focus on evaluating the players. The coaches are also available to answer any questions the Independent Evaluators may have.

Can parents attend and observe the tryout?

Parents are not allowed in the gym during the tryout process to keep the players relaxed and focused. We understand that parents enjoy observing the tryout, but have found it better for the players not to have sideline coaching or unintentional distractions during the tryout.


What if my child is injured or cannot participate in a tryout due to a conflict?

We strongly recommend that a player attends tryouts to afford the Evaluators the best opportunity to evaluate the player’s performance. It is expected that a player will attend tryouts rather than participate in another sport activity. If a player is ill, injured or otherwise cannot attend tryouts, you must contact a Bedford board member prior to the scheduled tryout.  Any player not attending tryouts due to injury, illness or other conflicts will receive appropriate consideration when the teams are selected using all the data available to the Evaluators. Bedford Travel compares our tryout schedule against the school calendar to minimize conflicts with school related activities, but cannot guarantee non-conflicts with all sports and extracurricular activities.

When will the players know their placement?

Team rosters will be announced within two weeks of the final tryout session for that grade/gender.  Bedford travel will notify families via email when team rosters are available.